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This Is Probably The End

Posted on September 27, 2013 at 12:25 PM

I guess my time as a JC student is up.

Maybe, I am not even suppose to be here.

Yes. Not that I am trying to doubt my capabilities or what, but I think I've actually over estimated my abilities one year ago. I mean why would I think that I had the potential to be a good JC student? I thought I could study?

But the problem is...

Being in JC is totally different from being in secondary school. I need to admit that I had never failed more than 2 subjects concurrently since Primary 1. And here in JC1, I failed 5 subjects. 5 SUBJECTS?! You didn't hear wrongly.

Yes. Many of you might think that "Nah. This is a common phenomenon in JC. What's so big deal about it when almost everyone are also struggling?" Erm... You are right. Or I should put it in this way, you MIGHT be right. This is really common. But I am just disgusted by no matter how I tried, I can't even pass at least one of my H2 subjects. Not History. Not Economics. Not CLL. I feel really very lousy. What's more, I failed my General Paper. Everything is just not going right this year. Maybe, that's the reason I don't like the number '13'. It has always been my jinx, I realised.

Alright. Actually, the purpose of this blog post is to announce, unofficially, that I will be transferring out of JC if I fail promotion criteria. (Not yet decided my destination, but when everything is decided upon, I will definitely announce it here first hand.) 

Time is really up.

It's time for me to make another big decision of my life and continue to move on from here.

I won't take failure likely but I believe I will bounce back to be on top of the world again.

At least, this may be fate's signal to me that there's a better life for me and I am advised to quit this path and take another path.

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